Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Taking Stock - Take 2

It's been a busy few weeks, so here I am back ready to take stock once more.  I think I'll go for bullet points, because everything is pretty jumbled!

Trip to Hereford.  
  • In our week and a half here, I managed to select a Primary School for C, enrol him and buy the uniform.
  • We went for choosing a school and village we like first, and then hoping to find somewhere to live nearby.
  • Also enrolled Bug at the nearby Pre-school.  It seems a bit chaotic compared to the great place they have been attending, but I can always get involved on the parent committee and also hope that it's a bit more purposeful when it's not the end of term.  She'll be attending two full days each week.
  • Found a house to rent!  This was an absolute nightmare.  Houses with more than two bedrooms were few and far between, those allowing dogs even more difficult to track down and they seemed to be let almost as soon as they were advertised or were more than half an hour's drive from the school.  Thrilled to find this one only three or four miles from the school/pre-school.
  • Once all the above was sorted we were able to relax a bit, with some wild swimming in the Wye, a bike ride/walk in the woods (and a trip to the minor injuries unit), and a great 5th birthday for C.

 Trip to North Wales

  • Sadly picked a poor campsite, where caravans and tents were packed in and children were running wild and very noisy until late at night, so not much rest on the site.
  • We did get to castles, beaches (lots of swimming in the sea), and steam railways, and a boat trip, as well as spending a couple of days with Nana and Grandad and Auntie J.

Home again
  • Living within an hour of Glasgow we had house guests for the Commonwealth Games.  Auntie J and Uncle S were staying with us, and Big Sis and family were camping in the vicinity too.  
  • We spent a day babysitting for Littlest Nephew (age 2), served dinner for 11 a couple of times, went to the Safari Park and went swimming.
  • A little anxious about the state my showhome was getting into, but to be honest I'm losing motivation, as we're a month in, and still only one viewing.  It isn't easy to keep the house and garden looking awesome, and with no potential buyers I begin to wonder if there's any point.
Youth Hostel weekend
  • My sisters, our mum and I, and all the children have now made a weekend away together at one of Britains Youth Hostels an annual expedition.  This year we headed to Boggle Hole, near Robin Hood's Bay, near Whitby in North Yorkshire.
  • We all had a horrible journey on Friday, so arrived late, and of course the children were very excited to see one another, so took a very long time to settle to sleep.
  • Saturday we spent the morning pottering in Whitby, and then walked along the beach to Robin Hood's Bay in the afternoon, and back along the cliffs.  Six year old and seven year old nephews had been blown away by excitement on the beach and entirely submerged themselves, fully clothed, in rock pools - yet were surprised when the weather changed and we had a chilly walk back across the cliffs to contemplate.  I think they both felt a little silly, sheepish and sorry for themselves by the time we returned to the hostel and they were bundled into warm showers.  Bedtime went a lot easier tonight!
  • Sunday we were determined not to stuff the poor critters straight into the car for another long journey, particularly since Friday had been effectively wiped out.  We planned a trip to Falling Foss Tea Rooms, which involved a lucky space in a busying car-park, a walk through the woods, and a lucky find of two adjacent empty tables in the increasingly busy, lovely tea garden with fabulous playpark. 
  • We all eventually headed our separate ways at about 1.30pm.  My journey home was broken by a drink in a pub garden and playpark with some great friends in Jedburgh, and then on home for dinner.
  • Lovely to see the joy the children wear when they see Daddy after a couple of days without him.
And Now?
  • Still no more viewings on the house.  At what point am I supposed to start worrying about this and reconsider first my choice of Estate Agent and secondly the asking price?  I keep being reassured that Summer Holiday and Commonwealth Games may have interfered with house searches, but things will now get busy... bring it on then!
  • Working hard to keep house and garden looking nice, while at the same time arranging removal firm for the end of the month and commencing packing, and of course... that little thing... looking after two young children.
  • Trying to stay calm, measured and positive.  Hubby is worried about what happens if the house takes too long to sell (while we're paying mortgage on one and rent on another, and he takes a pay cut when we move).  I'm trying to stay optimistic, looking into my options for starting paid work again earlier than anticipated if necessary, while still being flexible so that I can be there for the children. 
  • Also trying hard to stay calm and positive with two tired children following all our exciting adventures, who are unsettled because of the move, new school, new house etc. etc.  I'm trying to be understanding and calm (not too much shouting), while still maintaining the firm boundaries that they need so much.  Trying to make sure that I take time to play with them too, rather than being too busy getting everything else done too.  They need me just now.
  • It would also be quite nice if I could keep up the exercise and diet and lose a little more weight over the next six weeks.  I lost half a stone in 5 weeks just before the holiday, and another half a stone would not be missed!

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