Sunday, 10 August 2014

A bit of reverse progress on the model railway

I've posted several times over the last year or so about the progress (slow though it may be!) on the model railway. (here, here, here and here)

You'll notice that we are now selling the house and moving to a rented house for a while before we choose another property, so inevitably progress on the railway has halted.  In fact, the railway was dismantled at an early stage in the marketing of our property, so that the large room upstairs looks a bit more... roomy.
Most parts of the model were carefully taken to bits and packed away ready to be rebuilt to fit whatever space we have available in a few months when we buy a new home.  A different fate awaited the two corners which I'd worked so hard on with C.  Unsure yet how to pack them, Hubby popped them into the newly emptied attic for the time being.  I went in there to fetch out Bug's guitar and found carnage.
Some small mouse-shaped rodents had taken a shine to the papier-mache it seems, and this is all that remained of our hard work:
I managed to rescue a couple of people, my picnic bench and bridge and a couple of sheep, but that's about it.  To be honest I'm quite impressed with how chilled out I am at seeing hours of work destroyed.  It means we'll start afresh with our new layout, and we've learned a few things on the way.  Next time I'll use modroc or plaster to build the scenery for a start, I imagine it's slightly less palatable than the flour/water paste I used for the papier-mache.  I'm intrigued where the rest of the people, the Fimo food and the sheep are gone.  I'm imagining a Borrower or Beatrix Potter-esque scenario with lots of miniature sheep decorating a mouse-hole somewhere.


  1. Oh that's a shame but good for you for just getting on with it. What can you do?

    1. We've got bigger things to worry about I think... like still only one viewing on the house! As long as the mice enjoyed it and have got some nice new decorations for their homes. Interesting though, I had no idea we might have mice in the attic, as there's never been any sign of them before.