Sunday, 9 March 2014

Picnic on the model railway

Today I've been doing some more work on the model railway.  My landscape corner has been waiting for some attention for some time:
My waterfall.  I did some experimenting to get the white water effect.  Underneath the stream is just painted blue.  I stuck cling-film to it with PVA and then blew it with a hairdryer to shrink it.  The trees are ready-made ones.  
This is C's corner.  Now that the fence is finally completed we can add some sheep without worrying that they'll cause problems on the train line.
Grandad made this engine shed for C for Christmas.  He even used real coal for the coal hopper.
Daddy has doubled the size of the layout, but hasn't yet got as far as extending the track.  I'll have to get a move on with scenery, buildings etc. to keep up with the expanding layout!
This bit has been added today.  I made the picnic bench by cutting small pieces of cereal box card.  I then stuck two of these together to add depth and strength and painted them with acrylic paint.  Finally I stuck them in place with PVA.  The people aren't very detailed, but I bought them as a job lot on e-bay, and some of them are in a seated position, so ideal to add to the bench.  I also added a man on the edge of the river, admiring the waterfall.  The picnic bench is a scrap of fabric which I cut with pinking shears.  Now I just need to add some picnic!  You can see to the side a bit of real life twig and lichen.  I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, but I'm conscious that I don't really have enough plants or shrubs yet.
This is my footbridge, which I'm quite pleased with.  It's made in a similar fashion to the picnic bench described above, using several layers of cardboard box card stuck with PVA, painted and then very gently PVA'd into place.  I've also stuck on a man looking out at the river below.  I've just got to hope that C and Bug remember my admonition not to try to move or play with the characters on the scenery, as they are now stuck in place!

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