Friday, 7 March 2014

Happy Days

I just thought I'd post a little ramble about family life today, as it's proving to be a week of pottering.

I started the week on great form, and have been extremely pleased with my progress through my weekly "to do" list - I might even get to the end of it this week, though to be fair, that relies on the weather making up its mind to be nice over the weekend so that the gardening jobs get done.

Tuesday night saw a positive Scout Focus Group meeting in Dundee, talking about proposals for changes to the 18-25 year old Section.

Wednesday morning, C was unwell.  He basically sobbed and felt very hot and lay on the sofa the entire day.  No pre-school.

Thursday morning he came down to our bedroom and lay on the floor (not wanting to wake us), Hubby woke up and discovered him there, feeling sick.  An hour later he was sick, and then he spent the rest of the morning fast asleep in bed.  At lunchtime he got himself up and dressed and has been right as rain, though a little tired, ever since!  Illnesses are strange!  Thursday night I was chairing our Scout District Leaders' Meeting, which was quite well attended, and went well, considering we had lots of quite "bitty" content to cover.

Today C was back at pre-school.  Bug and I did a bit of grocery shopping, while the weather changed in seconds from lovely sunshine to wind and snow and then back again.  This afternoon I had a trip to the Docs, not one of the fun ones (I mean the appointment, not the doc, she was lovely), and asked one of my awesome neighbours to watch the children for me.

Now we've got to the weekend.  Hubby is out Scouting tomorrow, so I'm planning a trip to the garden centre with the kiddies.  We need some ericaceous compost and planters for the blueberry bushes that the children have been asking for, and which arrived today.  And while we're out, we'll head to the RSPB Loch Leven reserve where I can top up my bird food stocks and we can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while looking out at a loch full of birds.  Sunday we have no plans, so it might be a pottering at home day, or we may head out for an explore, and I have Loch Katrine on my radar, though the boats don't seem to be running at the moment.

So... what's got done this week?  Aside from the things I've already mentioned, looking after and playing with the children and things like housework, laundry, dog-walking, exercise etc. I've booked tickets for a children's ballet visiting the Macrobert theatre at the end of March, bought some fabric for a skirt I'm making, bought some printer ink, sent joining instructions and planned for the Scout training course I'm delivering on Monday night, updated the training records for a couple of Scout Groups in the District, collated numbers and deposits ready for our District Camp in May, had a think about some validation methods for section leaders for different Scout training and compiled an Easter Quiz which we are using as a fundraiser for the pre-school.  It doesn't sound  like all that much when it's written down like that!  Actually I did also go to bed early on Wednesday because I was feeling pleased with myself and I wanted to finish the book I was reading (Longbourn, by Jo Baker - a reimagining of the story of Pride and Prejudice but from the point of view of the servants - I thoroughly enjoyed, thanks for the loan Mum).

I've still to gather bits and pieces to sell at the Perth Jack and Jill Sale next Saturday (the stall will be raising funds for Pre-school); I want to finish modelling my picnic bench and picnic on the corner of the model railway, write a magazine article on the origins of nursery rhymes, sort out the greenhouse and tidy up the flower beds in the front garden, so quite a busy weekend in store!

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