Sunday, 5 January 2014

Why fresh air is good for kids

We all know it is.  Nobody argues with this.  

Sometimes though, we let bad weather, lethargy, an inclination for screen time, and more and more fear of what might happen to them if we let them out without supervision, get in the way of giving our children the time outdoors that they need.  

So here are a few good reasons why fresh air is good for children to help us overcome those barriers:

Children who spend time outside are more likely to be active, getting at least the recommended one hour of physical activity each day, helping to ward off childhood obesity.

A study by Cambridge University has also discovered that children who play outside are less likely to become short-sighted.

Children who are outside are more likely to get enough Vitamin D, which helps in bone development.

Time outside calms children.  All that running around or just being outdoors lowers the likelihood of depression and hyperactivity.

Children who spend time indoors playing on computer games have shorter attention spans (American Society of Pediatrics).  Playing outdoors is more likely to engage creativity and imagination.

Children who play outside usually play together, increasing their ability to socialise appropriately.  They are also away from the negative influences of violent TV and computer games.

Sooo... get outside.  Whether it's a picnic, a game of football in the park, just taking some books out to a blanket in the park on a warm day, walking to pre-school or walking the dog... GET OUTSIDE!

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