Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Forming better habits... how am I getting on?

I posted here about how I'm trying to improve my life by making new habits.  I'm trying to introduce one new habit each week, and focus on it for five weeks.  So I'll have no more than five habits to concentrate on at a time (rather than trying to change everything at once), and each new habit will have five weeks to try to sink in.

Here's how we're getting on:

Habit 1 - was DRINK MORE WATER.  I decided to try to drink a glass of water every hour and a half or so.  I don't think I've managed more than about five glasses in a day the whole time.  But now I'm definitely drinking more than I was before.  In fact, if I don't have a glass of water every now and then I start to feel thirsty for one, so I think I've definitely established this habit.  I had it on my focus list for six weeks (I added one because I was rubbish at all my new habits in the run up to Christmas), and I'm hoping that I can keep it up while moving on to new habits now.

Habit 2 - was FEED THE FISH.  This one wasn't for me, I already remember them.  It was for the children to try to establish this habit as part of their morning and evening routine again instead of us doing it for them.  It's not sunk in yet, but we've been quite out of routine with Christmas and New Year holidays, so I'm keeping this one on the list for at least another week and a half.  Bug keeps telling me "No.  You do it."  (she's two and can be exasperating!), but I'm persevering.

Habit 3 - was TEN MINUTE TIDY UP.  In a normal working week we insert the "ten minute tidy up" (with timer) just before it's time to get ready to go out in the morning.  This way they've had breakfast and a chance to play, and they have to tidy or clean for ten minutes to get the house looking ship-shape before we go out.  They seem to enjoy the challenge, though again, it's hard going with Bug.  It's not really fallen into a routine yet because of the holiday period, so I'm glad we've got another fortnight+ to keep working on it.

Habit 4 - 50 SIT UPS.  I'm fitting this somewhere into my day on most days at the moment.  I can't say yet that it's making any difference to my stomach tone, but at least it's a few minutes exercise that I wouldn't be getting if I wasn't doing it.

Habit 5 - DAILY BLOG.  I'm not trying to post every day, about three times a week is what I'm aiming for.  But I am trying to check in on the blogs that I follow, comment on other blogs etc every day.  Not always managing it, but trying.

Habit 6 - TABLE TIME.  This is our newest one, and since it's holiday time, hasn't really had a chance to develop yet.  We used to have "table time" as part of our routine, and the children both enjoyed it and got something out of it.  At 5pm when I start making the dinner, the children come and sit at the table.  Depending on how much attention the dinner requires, we do workbooks, colouring, drawing, reading, writing a daily diary or board games.  Just before dinner is ready at 5.45pm they clear up.  I think the Summer holidays is when this routine slipped by the wayside, so I'm keen to reintroduce it.  I think it's a good time to spend developing reading and writing skills, art skills, and concentration, as well as meaning that I don't have to worry about what they're up to while I'm making the dinner.  It also sets a good precedent for homework time once they start school.


  1. I think getting kids in to habits while they're young is definitely the way to go, I wish I'd done it with my two, I think I'm too late to instil any new habits in to them now.

    1. Thanks, I agree that getting the habits in place now SHOULD pay dividends later. I suppose that as they get older the tactic changes from "imposing" a habit, to planting the seed of an idea and letting them try to develop the routine or habit for themselves, and just being there to support them.