Sunday, 24 November 2013

Resolutions already?

When you're never quite satisfied with yourself and you're always looking for ways to become a better person, then you'll always be coming up with strategies and tricks to transform yourself into the person you'd rather be.  I have a new strategy!

So... it takes 30 days to make a habit (apparently).  I have made a list of things which I would like to make into habits to make me and my family life a bit better.  Obviously I can't change everything at once - that would be doomed from the start.  So... I'll introduce one habit every week and really focus on it.  I'll continue to focus on it for five weeks (that should push the 30 days), but after one week I'll add a second habit to focus on.  Then after the second week I'll add another habit.  This way I'll have focus on five areas at any one time, and by the time I add the fifth, the first one should be pretty much routine!

I'll share on here how I'm doing.

The first habit I want to focus on is drinking more water.  According to the NHS Choices website, I should be drinking 1.6 litres of water every day.  I currently drink much less, and much of my liquid intake is caffeine related!  
So to make it a habit, I'll make myself drink a glass of water every hour and a half to two hours. 

Other habits I'll be introducing are:
for the children - making feeding the fish more of a routine, daily table time (we used to have a good routine for this, but it's slipped), 10 mins housework daily;
for me - swish and swipe in the bathroom (flylady!), write blog daily, up at 6.30 and 20 mins on exercise  bike, clear desk and e-mails daily, 50 sit-ups daily, get the laundry on after dinner, hang before bed, and put away in the morning.

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