Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pre-school crafts - letter familiarisation with paint!

Bug is two and a half.  She has a comprehensive vocabulary, and good understanding when she can be bothered to listen.  She is showing signs that she is keen to start reading and writing like her four year old brother.
To help her out I've started doing letter familiarisation games and activities.  I'm trying to do this either when C is at pre-school, so that we can be uninterrupted by bickering, or to choose activities that I know they can both work on together.

I spotted this one on "No Time For Flashcards" and thought I'd give it a try.
We have a vast array of cookie cutters, including alphabet ones (thanks big Sis), so decided to make use of them for some letter printing.  I chose the letters in Bug's name, as well as M for Mummy, D for Daddy and C for her big brother.

I then just showed Bug how to dip the cutters into the paints and print with them.  We used A3 paper, and we also used red, green and yellow paints, so that we could talk about the colours too.
As we printed I asked her which letter she was using, which letter she was going to use next and so on.  I also showed her which letter I was going to use.  We also printed her name.  We kept the letter naming very low key - it wasn't like a test or anything.  Just part of the conversation.  She didn't always get it right, but she did a lot of the time.
After she was fed up with printing, I just left her drawing at the table.  Just in the last week her drawing has stopped looking like scribbles, and have turned into actual pictures.  Check out this gorgeous person with shoes on.: 

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