Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pre-school crafts - Castle pencil pots - tutorial

We decided to make some pencil pots for the children's desks.
Step 1 - With your children, raid your recycle box to find likely materials.  We used cereal box card, yoghurt pots, a tin can and the bottom of a small food package box.
Step 2 - Cut out the base from cereal box card and then arrange your pots to your satisfaction.  We went with four pots each.  Tape them securely both to one another and to the base.
Step 3 - Cut or tear small squares of kitchen roll tissue paper.  Use a mixture of 50:50 PVA glue and water and stick these all over the structure, taking care to overlap them and not to leave any gaps.  Don't forget the inside of the pots.  Small children may well lose interest during this process, so leave them to do it themselves as much as possible, and step in to finish off when they lose interest.
Step 4 - Leave it to dry.  This takes at least 24 hours.
Step 5 - Paint it in your choice of colour, you might want a blue moat, or green grass ramparts.  It's up to you.  C chose dark grey, as it's night time, and Bug chose red with a moat around.  When the paint has dried you can add embelishments with more paint or marker pen.  C has yellow windows for the candle light shining out, while Bug has black windows and some stonework.  You can also add flags and banners if you wish.


  1. Well just look at that second photo down, if that smile doesn't say it all, I don't know what does. He's obviously very happy with his creation. I miss all these crafts with little people now that my two are grown up.

    1. He's a nightmare to photograph, he makes such dreadful faces, I really have to catch him unawares!
      He's decided that his castle isn't finished yet, as he wants to put on a door, but has decided that he'll be able to do this by himself.