Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Progress on the Model Railway

Progress with the model railway is slow.  
This is a good thing.
It's teaching me to be patient.  It's also teaching C to be patient.  
We're working on it a tiny bit at a time, but it will look awesome.
The most recent updates are that we are very close to completing the "Manor Farm House" and "Farmworkers Cottage", both cardboard cut outs that need glueing together, from Metcalfe Models.  This week we made and added the chimney pots, and then it's just the roof ridge tiles.  The buildings are currently pristine and just like all the other Metcalfe Manor Farm Houses.  When we get on to modelling the landscape in the middle of the track, we're going to make them look a bit more realistic, adding a name sign, some drainpipes, some flaking paint or ivy, some dustbins and a garden - but that's all a long way down the line.
The other thing we've just got done last week is finally added scatter material on to our landscape.  I bought some from the Model Railway shop at the North York Moors Railway Depot in Grosmont.  I was disappointed ten minutes later when I found a wider variety at a lower cost in another model railway shop across the road!  The next job we've to do on the scenery is to make some fencing.  C can't put any sheep on his meadow until we've got some fencing to prevent them wandering across the railway!

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