Sunday, 28 July 2013

Money making schemes coming together.

How do you go about setting up two businesses from scratch?  How do those "Apprentice" folks start out?

Both my sisters have been visiting recently, and I've had a chance to really talk my plans through.  I've bought my two domain names (no websites yet, but the domain names are waiting there for when I'm ready.

The plan is:

  • Make as many things as possible over the next few months, a whole variety of designs and types of crafts and merchandise.  Once I have half a box-full, set up the first website and start selling, also selling on e-bay and/or etsy.  Aim to have a full box full of stock by mid-November and attend at least one craft market before Christmas.  I visited one today to check out the kind of thing on sale, and I think it would be a good place to start.
  • In the meantime, also boost the amount of writing I'm doing and sending off.  I've mentioned that I'm available and keen for work to a couple of contacts who used to send commissions my way.
  • Over the next two years while the children are starting pre-school try to build on these bases.  With the crafting business, go with Alan Sugar's "smell what sells" principle.
  • When I hit the £5000 turnover mark, that's the time to set up a business account and make sure that everything is organised properly so that I'm paying appropriate tax and business rates etc.
  • Once both children are at school in two years time I can aim to be working for five hours per day, five hours per week, and would be intending to earn at least £250 per week.
Let's see how that goes!  I'll be posting regularly on here so you'll be able to see how the plans progress.  I really want to make it work so that I can work at home and be there for the children when they come home from school and during the holidays.  Plus the fact that after four years of staying at home with the children, I really can't imagine the idea of working for somebody else again on a long-term basis.  Hubby and I also have other plans in the cooking pot for the future, which need to be woven in to all these other plans....  Just so much to think about.  Now I feel as though I'm raring to get going and make things happen, and even though I still have the children at home, I do think that I can do it.

Anybody got any hints to help when starting up a craft-or-write-from-home business?

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  1. Hi Mel.. Hope you're enjoying life .. Exmouth is packed out as usual for the summer...
    When we first moved and I wanted to 'do something different' I just sort of left myself open to stuff if you know what I mean - it sounds very laid back and fluffy, but it seems to have worked - I sort of had space and work came along and filled it! Oh, by the way - Stu did my CRB and put me on the Active Support mailing list so I could be back in action soon.. Love to you and yours Sue x