Monday, 10 December 2012

Quick Christmas crafts for toddlers - angels and stars!

This is a glittery one, so beware!

What you need:
  • some doilys (white, silver or gold - all good)
  • some cardboard - empty cereal box is perfect
  • glue
  • glitter
  • pencil
  • string or thread
  • scissors
  • selotape
The Angel
  • take a doily, and imagining that it's a pizza, cut out 1/3.
  • Cut out a piece of cardboard that is the shape of a skittle (head on top and a fattish bit for the body).  Get your toddler to draw a face on the blank side of the cardboard.
  • Take the larger piece of doily and wrap it around so that it makes a good cone shape, cut off the pointiest bit.  Unwrap again and then rewrap with the neck of the cardboard in the point of the cone (look at the pictures for help deciphering what I mean here) and glue the dress in place.  
  • Now glue the smaller piece of doily onto the back as the angel's wings. 
  • Dab some glue on to the front of the angel's head and dip in glitter to make a halo.
  • When it's dry, use some selotape to attach a loop of thread to the back so that you can hang it from the tree.
The star
  • show your child how you use a ruler to draw straight lines.  Draw three longish lines all crossing in the middle, and then three smaller lines each going in between the three longer lines.  Now join up the ends of all these lines (again, look at the picture to get a clue what I'm on about).
  • Depending on the development of your child you can then get them to draw their own star, or not; and to cut out their star... or not.
  • Get your child to put glue wherever they want on the star.
  • Sprinkle glitter over the star (show your child how to do this inside a tray so that the surplus glitter can be collected back up and sprinkled again).
  • When all the glitter is dry, use tape to attach a loop of thread from the back so that you can hang it from the tree.
Enjoy!  Please share links to your favourite Christmas crafts for little ones, I'm always after some inspiration.

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