Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Upside down girl

Today I thought I'd write a cheeky little post about a cheeky little girl.
Bug is now 15 months old and is going through one of those stages where she is just incredibly cute and gorgeous beyond belief.
She has the cheekiest big grin.
She giggles - a LOT
She thinks it's hilarious to run away from you.
She only has a few words, but she's trying very hard now to make herself understood - and she has very expressive eyes and nods.
She loves to climb and swing and slide and look at things the wrong way up.
She likes to bring you a book and attempt to climb on to your lap.
When you ask her to put something in the bin/basket/cupboard etc she will usually do it.
C was poorly this morning and lying on the sofa under a blanket... so she climbs up beside him to give him a cuddle.
Kisses are big open-mouthed sloppy ones, not necessarily aimed at the lips.

She's beginning to get the hang of the "Point to your nose" game.

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  1. aww what a sweetie she is love the photos this age is just so fun even with the sloppy kisses! :)