Friday, 8 June 2012

Our topic in and transport

Our loose topic for the month of May was... cars and transport.  A clear winner where C is concerned.  Here are some of the things that we got up to:

  •  We painted road signs and put them around the house
  • we read some poems with a train theme and rhythm

  •  We went to the garage (a lot - the new car had some glitches!)
  • we watched the aeroplanes taking off from the airport
  • we watched trains go by

  •  we played with the toy cars and trains (and inherited a whole load more toy cars that Daddy used to play with from Nana's loft)
  • we went on the bus

  •  We made felt cars and buses.
  • We sang "the wheels on the bus" and various other transport songs

  •  we played with the car outside
  • we imagined that the sofa was a bus and went on imaginary journeys
  • we turned chairs in the sitting room into trains and went to collect Daddy
  • we played in the caravan

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