Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A few random thoughts

Little C touching hands with little sister
It's been ten days since I last posted.  Given the last couple of posts I think you'll probably understand and forgive me.  Just now little Daisy is sleeping in her Moses basket, getting her Zs in now so that she can keep me awake through most of the night I think.  Doesn't she have beautiful little hands?

We've been away to Devon for the weekend.  It's a long trek with a two/three week old, a toddler and a dog from Scotland to Devon, but we had a good trip.  Big C did all the driving preserving me and my tiredness; the waggy-tailed-one is a great traveller; Little C played with his toys in his seat, slept when he needed to and enjoyed all our breaks; and little Daisy just slept the entire time in the car.  We made an overnight stopover in Stoke-on-Trent to visit my in-laws in each direction, which broke the journey up and made it much more bearable, as well as allowing us all to spend some time with Big C's family.  In Devon we stayed with Grandma and beetled around visiting lots of rarely seen family.  We were pretty busy, but managed to feel quite chilled and relaxed about it all.  From my point of view the only negative was the tiredness.  Bearing in mind the age of little Daisy and the fact that I am awake for several hours every night with her, I really appreciate and need my afternoon naps.  While away though, it wasn't so much her that was keeping me awake but Little C.  Unused to much light in his bedroom, or to mummy and daddy being in the same room, he woke up wailing at least once every night, and sometimes wouldn't settle again at all, which meant that I was awake from 5am on two mornings, and woken up for an hour at 1am a couple of times.  He also couldn't nap at all while we were away, which meant that neither could I.  I'm looking forward to getting back a bit of sleep to help me cope with night feeds.  I find that I can't settle her back to sleep very easily when I am so tired, I just feed and doze and hope she'll drop off again herself.
Teignmouth pier
Our trip made us even more grateful that we had made the move to Scotland.  Even here in the central belt things are much quieter and more roomy than on the crowded motorways of England, and the parking situation in Teignmouth, where the houses are piled up on one another on steep streets is just ridiculous.  We are now even more determined to take the next steps to continue improving our lives.  We are thinking in terms of economising, downsizing and generally making life simpler with a view to moving to an even more remote area.  I'm loving the plan.
I'm loving the image here.  Little sister lying on the floor in Teignmouth golf club while we have breakfast nearby.  My little sis bought us the sleepsuit.  She knows my preference for rainbow stripes and my aversion to dreaded baby girl pink!
As part of the downsizing and simplifying move, I logged on and registered with to sell some surplus books.  I got fed up with e-bay as the maximum post and packaging thing meant that it was costing me more to sell my books than I was getting for them! 

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