Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thoughts... on materialism

How much do we rely on the material things around us?  How easy is it to break that reliance?  

I'm not talking about expensive stuff here - just stuff to buy.  Do we really need to buy bed-guards for Little C's big boy bed?  Am I thinking I need them just because everybody else gets them?  Will he quickly learn to stay still at night time after falling out a couple of times?  

I'm trying to clear out some of the books and videos and CDs that we really don't need or use, but we just seem to keep acquiring more.  Do we need to buy stuff - or could we get more community minded and share/borrow more often, or hire?  Why do we feel the need to own things?  I look at my shopping list - a new clock radio because mine buzzes constantly, a honey drizzler, new plates and bowls for toddler - how much of this do I need, and how much do I just want?

I'm thinking of buying new clothes when I've returned to my normal shape post-pregnancy - but I have tonnes of clothes that aren't worn out - do I need to buy new ones, or am I just wanting to get new ones because the media and the material world in which we live suggests that you need to buy new clothes all the time?  Do I just want to buy new things to make me feel better and improve my self-image after a long period with a huge belly?  Is there a better, more long-lasting and healthier (not to mention cheaper) way for me to feel good about myself and my body?


  1. I shouldn't worry about a bed-guard. My son was so proud of his 'big' bed he never stirred - and certainly never fell out

  2. thanks - I'm hoping that our timing will work out. He's just turned 19 months and number 2 is due in the next few weeks. I'm aiming to have things settle down a bit with new sibling; then move him (and cot) up to new "big boy" bedroom for a couple of weeks; then into "big boy" bed, but with cot still there empty just in case we need to threaten to put him back in there; then cot empty in his old room for a couple of weeks before new baby grows out of Moses Basket and needs to go in there. Seamless... I hope!