Friday, 11 February 2011


Here's my project to-do list at the moment.  And I'm hoping I get at least some of them completed before the baby arrives - which I shouldn't really say because it panics me somewhat, especially given the discomfort that baby is causing at the moment and my wishes that it would get a move on and come out so I can be comfortable again.  I hope Big C doesn't see this blog post, because he already despairs at my to-do lists and projects and so on.  I haven't been very crafty lately either, as I've just felt too exhausted - so come on inspiration and creativity lets get a sudden spurt of energy!  (Maybe the really strong - but ok in pregnancy - painkillers I was prescribed today for my SPD and the promise of a physio appointment at some point will allow a decent night's sleep and that will be all I need!
Traffic Jam - Primary - £8.95 per metreAnyway, here's the list:
  • Sort out my clothes and find all suitable breast-feeding ones that fit a post-pregnant body
  • wash the bedding for the moses basket
  • pack the bag for the hospital
  • put together the bouncy chair
  • make my big sis an easy beginners version of a patchwork quilt/throw for her birthday (this is where I find out if she's found my blog or not!)
  • pull out all the baby clothes again, this time not to find the 0-3 month ones, but to find anything that used to be white and is now grey or stained.
  • put all grey or stained baby clothes, nappies, sheets etc. in the washing machine in three different loads with 3 different colours of fabric dye - rainbow baby!
  • finish hooded poncho towel thing for Little C - it's sewn, but I need to dye it and sew on some binding to neaten up the seams (too thick for the sewing machine, well it's a new machine and I don't want to risk it anyway!).
  • Measure up Little C's new "big boy" bedroom for duvet cover, curtains and bean bag.
  • Make curtains, bean bag and bedding for Little C's "big boy" bedroom (if this one doesn't get done I do have a back up - my brilliant mum is coming to stay for a couple of weeks once Big C finishes his paternity leave, and has said she'll do this if I haven't got around to it).
  • Get my Scout Training portfolios up to date before I forget all about them for a couple of months.
  • Make sure the District Scout Training stuff is all up-to-date so that I can keep updating over the next couple of months without too much effort.
That's it for now, but it still seems like an awful lot of stuff to fit into the three and a half weeks before baby is due, especially while still looking after a toddler, keeping the house clean, trying to manage the garden whenever the weather and I feel up to it, attempting to walk the dog, and feeling a lot of pain and getting no sleep!

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