Thursday, 28 September 2017

A great week!

We're in our new home (and we love it!), we're three weeks into the Autumn term at school and we are busy busy busy!

Here are just a few of the things we've been up to this week:

  • had some friends over for coffee on Thursday morning, and made some spiced apple muffins;
  • trip to the hospital in Birmingham to see the Vasculitis specialists;
  • a meeting about District Scout Christmas Post;
  • housework;
  • marking;
  • planning for next week;
  • Bug has been painting flowers;
  • Bug and I worked as a team to decoupage some animals that she bought me as a get well present a year and a half ago;
  • Hubby and Bear lifted the old railway tracks off their board, and constructed a new board in the loft ready to lay the tracks;
  • the children and I made some junk modelling houses to act as some "Here's one I made earlier!" for my model-making club;
  • I painted some small wooden drawers for Bug's bedroom - something I've been promising her I'll do for at least a year!  More on those in the next blog post.
All in all a great week where I've finally ticked off some items from my to-do list which have been hovering there for quite a long time.  I love it when you get to do that, it feels very productive.

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