Monday, 23 November 2015

Bug's Bucket List

My 4 year old daughter has made a "Bucket List".  For anybody who's never heard the term, a Bucket List is a list of things you want to make sure that you do before you kick-the-bucket / die.

Fear not, my little bundle of crazy is in perfect health, but bucket lists cropped up in conversation a few weeks ago, and she's obviously been mulling over what she wants to do in life.  Her list is below, it gives a real insight into her wishes and dreams at this age, and is totally gorgeous:

  • have my own hotel;
  • see a bear in the wild (not a polar bear);
  • have a baby;
  • climb right to the top of a cliff, from the bottom, with a ladder;
  • go to Africa;
  • go to Australia;
  • see a volcano;
  • have my own pond;
  • have my own cooker and freezer;
  • make my own proper (pottery) bowl;
  • learn to play the guitar properly;
  • learn to play the piano properly;
  • learn how to do a cartwheel;
  • marry someone.
I asked her if it was private or if it was okay to share.  She told me it was private but that I could put it on Facebook!  Umm... okay then!

I urge you to write your own bucket list and to get your children to write one too.  It's not at all morbid, just a chance to put your dreams on paper so that you can aim to gradually achieve them.

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