Monday, 9 March 2015

Handmade felt baby mobile - Monday Make

I thought that each Monday I'd share something I've made recently - Monday Make.
Sometimes I'll have made it for my home, sometimes to sell at Sunbow Designs, sometimes for a gift, and sometimes it'll be something that the children have made.  Sometimes I'll do a tutorial, and other times I'll just post a picture and a brief description.

I'm going to start off with this handmade felt baby mobile.

A friend recently adopted a baby, and to congratulate the new family, the toddler group in the village decided to put together a hamper for them.  I opted to source a mobile for baby's bedroom.

A quick scoot on pinterest for some ideas, a quick trip to Hobbycraft for the materials and a couple of hours sewing over half term and we have a moon and stars mobile.  I helped make some Christmas decorations for the school Christmas fair, and they were sewn with blanket stitch in gold metallic thread, which I thought looked really special, so for this mobile I used silver metallic thread... I think it adds a certain Je ne sais quoi.  It turns out I didn't attach the stars terribly well, the thread un-knotted and slipped through a couple of times, but my friend says that she's sorted it.  I love the effect, but if I was going to do it again I'd probably add another cross at the top so that there were eight strands of stars.  Or I'd hang them from a ring so that I could put as many strands of stars on as I'd like.

Now I have to get my thinking cap on for a suitable "welcome to the world" gift for my next nephew or niece, who is due at the end of March, so could make an appearance at any time now!


  1. That's really lovely, and how exciting, a new baby niece or nephew due at any moment. Hope it all goes well.