Saturday, 5 July 2014

Simple activities for pre-schoolers - Alphabet scrap book

This is such a great activity, as you can build in a whole range of skills, and they're all fun!

Take a scrap book with at least 26 pages.
At the top of each page, write a letter of the alphabet (in the correct order).
Each time you want to do the activity, just pick a page/letter.
You can: 
  • write large letter outlines for the children to practice forming the letters, or follow them with their fingers (you can just make out the outline Tt here.
  • use newspapers and magazines and cut out different sizes and fonts of letters, both capital and lowercase, words beginning with the letter, and pictures of things beginning with the letter.  Great for practising cutting and sticking skills.
  • draw things that begin with the letter (I can just make out a picture of Tara the dog, drawn by C on this page).
  • Get them to think of words that begin with the letter and write them down.
It's pretty open-ended, and if they wander off, it doesn't matter in the slightest, because you can always add more to a page at a later date.  

Super-simple, super-cheap (scissors, glue, pencils, scrap book) and super-fun!

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  1. I love this idea - we'll definitely be doing this.