Monday, 23 June 2014

And relax...

My brain is a little fried.  Anybody got any good mantras or relaxation tips?

I'm trying "Everything is going to be fine" (repeat to fade); "This too shall pass"; "People do this all the time - what am I getting stressed about?"

It also occurs to me that we moved house and around the country, four times before I was ten.  Perhaps I should ask Mum and Dad how they achieved this with three small children, without ever seeming even slightly ruffled?  

I can breathe a sigh of relief now, as the Home Report has valued the house at a value we're happy with.  So that's done.  The garden is gradually getting tidied up, the house is still looking pretty tidy.  I sent back the Estate Agent brochure with some corrections - some of it didn't even make sense... at the fee we're being charged??!!  So that's those things done.  The house will go on the market, and somebody will buy it.  The sooner the better!
Hubby has got all sorts of things organised.  He's looking at houses to rent for a few months when we move down, caravan storage, other storage... all sorts of things.

My next jobs are:

  • chasing up the Estate Agent to get on the market, brochure completed, sign up etc.
  • get a couple of minor repairs seen to, as well as a touch up with paint here and there, and keeping the house and garden clean and tidy
  • I have one appointment at a school, and one at a pre-school in Herefordshire for a couple of week's time, and now need to follow up the messages I've left today to get appointments to visit the other two schools and nursery.
"Everything is going to be fine."

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