Friday, 28 February 2014

Springing in the Garden

Spring is making an appearance in our corner of Scotland.  The daffs are nowhere near flowering, but there are bulbs popping up galore, and the snowdrops are in full flower, with crocus beginning to open as well.  The birds are singing and the mornings are getting lighter.
Thoughts of course turned to the garden.  While frost and snow hasn't kept me out of the garden this winter, it has been pretty wet.  All the big jobs I gave myself to achieve have not yet been completed.  Still, out came the Suttons catalogue.  I went straight to their website and just popped things into my shopping basket.  The next stage was whittling down my purchases as I had £65 worth of stock in my basket!  I ended up buying a bush type tomato, a cucumber plant, a chilli plant, three blueberry bushes (the children have both requested to have a blueberry bush in their patch of garden), and a couple of packets of flower seeds.  Normally I grow tomatoes and cucumbers from seed, but last year my cucumbers didn't take, and my tomatoes started off too late to get to ripening in time, so I thought I'd try to grow fewer plants in the greenhouse this year, but get a head-start with bought plants and concentrate on keeping them really healthy for a good crop.  The blueberry bushes were the most expensive item, and I ended up spending about £40.
What have you started off in your garden so far for the Spring?

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