Friday, 17 May 2013

Out comes the sunshine! = What have we been doing with the little ones

I made this simple number matching game for Bug.  She got them all in the right spot apart from inverting the 6 and the 9, and was very proud!
Another number game, this one for C.  We used buttons to count  and work out the total.

1) Draw around a circle, divide into seven triangles, and show where each rainbow colour goes...
2) the children colour the triangles...

3) we make two holes, about 1cm apart, in the middle of the circle, and thread through a loop of string.  Twist the string and then pull to make a rainbow spinner!
We printed off some weather symbols and pictures, and the children stuck each one to a piece of card.  We hung them from ribbons near the table, and it gives us something to look at while we talk about the weather!
A trip to Almond Valley Farm Park...
...where we played on the bouncy castle...

A visit to Scout Camp, where C joined in with cooking sausages and marshmallows.  Both were pretty disappointed to be going home and miss mummy building up the fire ready for campfire singing in the evening.
And finally the sun came out!  Bug is letting the Waggy-tailed-one finish off her yoghurt.  She was wearing something different, but helped herself to this outfit from C's wardrobe.
A new rainbow spinner to celebrate the sunshine!
we have a collection of critters hiding in various spots around the garden.  They like to migrate around, so there's always a game to play... "find the creatures"!
She's getting quite good on her scooter now, though still painfully slow if you actually want to go anywhere.  

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