Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Model railway progress

Grandad is coming to visit this weekend.  I'm looking forward to them coming, but am worrying what he'll think of our model railway.  His is enormous - it goes around his entire attic and has an incredible bridge, and lots of engines, two stations and....and...
I guess I should also remember that he's been working on model railways for more than fifty years, and we've had ours only four months, and that my companion in modelling is not yet four.  Still, here's where we've got to with our scenery:

Still very much a work in progress - papier mache and then paint is done, now we need to add some scatter materials to get the grassy look, I need to make my water more realistic, we need some fencing and some trees, I'm going to make a picnic bench and a bridge, we've got some people on the way, and C needs some sheep.  But they are far enough along that I've put them next to the railway, and C can see what they are for now.  Don't they look great with Thomas passing by?  (The playmobil people in the trucks are Bug's additions, she just can't resist!)

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