Sunday, 2 September 2012

Muddy walk

I just thought I'd post today about my walk this afternoon.  
I had a rare opportunity to get out for a long walk without needing to rush back for anything or having any toddlers to think about.  
I took the waggy-tailed one, and we headed up the hill near our house.  This is a regular haunt of ours, and a full circuit up the hill, down the other side and round the back usually takes me about an hour and a quarter.  This time at the top I headed west along the ridge, before dropping down through a forestry cut-through on to the ancient track running from Glen Devon to Dollar at the head of Glenquey reservoir.  
I may be a little bit of an adrenaline junky - looking down a steep hill and finding my way blocked by a fast flowing stream and a deer fence gives me a bit of a buzz...  Anyway, along the extremely muddy track to Castle Campbell in Dollar, and then following a short-cut to the back road (Hillfoots Road), and then along this and back to Muckhart.  
I'm trying to get fit, so the whole route I kept my pace at what I would refer to as "a notch faster than comfortable".  The distance to Dollar and back by road is six miles, and my route was definitely longer than that, and included an ascent of Seamab, so I was quite proud of myself to have done it in only two and a half hours.  I feel refreshed, reinvigorated and all back in perspective again, it's great the magic a walk in the fresh air can do.

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