Thursday, 16 December 2010

"White", and eggs and a couple of crafty clues

Little C and I went to the theatre on Tuesday with our local Toddler group.  We went to see a show called White at the MacRobert arts centre at Stirling University.  Here are the relevant websites, and please bear in mind that all pictures that are about to follow are from one or other of the websites here:
MacRobert Arts Centre
Catherine Wheels Theatre Company

The show, by the Catherine Wheels Theatre company, was a little odd, but perfectly suited to the 2-4 age bracket.  Little C, only 16 months, was entranced the entire way through. 

They had a low stage, with lots of white bird boxes and a white teepee on it, and the entire set was white. 

For the audience they had three rows of benches, graduated in height from those comfortable for adults to sit on at the back, to little ones that Little C was very comfortable on at the front, and in front of those were lots of white rugs for children to sit or crawl on.  Little C sat happily on his bench the entire way through the show (about 45 minutes I think), with only one crawl on to my lap briefly, and one wander over to the stage (I retrieved him).

White Image  by Paul Watt 2
The show is about a world which is all white, which two friends look after and keep clean.  They catch birds' eggs from the sky and take care of them.  But... things aren't always going to stay white!

Ian Cameron in White Image by Douglas McBrideIt was great fun and (a little clue to those who haven't been to see it yet), the colour at the end caused great interest for the little children.  It actually proved quite hard to get them out of the room to go for toast and juice!  Little C made his way to the stage to see what he could play with, he liked the little mini knitted hats, so I might make him some of those.

For us, it was great for Little C to get a first taste of live theatre.  Big C and I love our trips out to the Lyceum in Edinburgh, and we can't wait until Little C is old enough to take to concerts, theatre trips, live music and so on.  This was a fantastic first dip into that world, and I am now confident to start looking out for other shows geared to his age.

Speaking of eggs, which if you look at the photo above you'll see that I sort of was, we had a new experience today.  Little C ate a boiled egg with toast soldiers.  It's not the first time I've given him this, though of course theoretically neither of us should be eating soft boiled eggs (me because I'm pregnant and him because he's little and the risk of food poisoning etc. etc.).  Normally though, I dip his soldiers in my egg and give them to him like that - he's not at all sure about eggs in general, I think it's the texture, but he's happy enough with dipped soldiers.  Today I gave him his own egg, and showed him how to dip.  He loved it!  The concentration on his little face as he selected a soldier, dunked it in carefully and then munched it down.  Sadly my camera was upstairs next to the computer, and not anywhere to hand.  I'll give him some more next week and will try to capture it on camera.  The meal took a while longer though, because after he'd finished with the egg, he spent some time exploring the egg shell.  He learned that it breaks easily, and that the bits aren't very tasty, but he spent a lot of time crushing it, and trying to put it back together again - it was awesome to watch.

Crafty Clues Finally, I'll mention a bit of the crafting I've been up to, though again sadly no pics.  I've made a couple of items for my nephew's birthday.  I plan on making the same for my other nephew's birthday when he turns four, so hopefully will post more details and photos then, but in the meantime, no more details in case his mum reads my blog!  Next week I'll include a lot more photos as we are getting festive.  This weekend we will put the tree up, decorate the tree, make mince pies and all things like that, so hopefully we'll have some lovely festive photos to finish up the year with.

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